Top 5 Best UV Glues (Adhesives) in 2021

Do you have something broken and doubt that you could ever repair it because of your rusty DIY skills? Well, forget about that because now you can easily fix anything with the strongest UV adhesive! What are they, and how to pick the best one?

Our team tested the most popular and strongest super glue alternatives currently available in the market to present you with the top 5 in terms of features, versatility, reliability, and overall value for money.

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Why is Bondic Our #1 Pick of UV Glue?

Bondic is a unique liquid plastic adhesive designed by a dentist that dries to a hard and durable plastic. It’s easy to use and will work on most surfaces and with most materials.

If you have a fear of the dentist, you’re far from alone because it’s one of the most common fears among adults and children in the United States. You can thank the hard work of dentists for the creation of Bondic though. A plastic adhesive designed and developed by a practicing dentist, it is a type of adhesive that is quite similar to the dental cement used in dental offices across the country. The adhesive comes in a small bottle and has a thin viscosity that makes it appear as a glue. Once you get into it and actually use the adhesive though, you’ll find that it functions better than other super glue type adhesives you’ve used before.

Just as dental glue can keep the metal wires from braces attached to teeth and bones for years, so too can Bondic when used with certain materials, including metal and wood. Once you create a bond and apply the adhesive, you use a UV light directed at the liquid. The UV light helps the adhesive dry quickly. You can then sand the surface to remove any extra. In our Bondic review, we’ll show you how to use the adhesive and what you can use it.

The Benefits of Bondic

  • Works with liquid refill kits
  • Comes in both trial and bundle packs
  • Safe to use on metal, wood and some plastics
  • Does not stick to skin
    Remains liquid and ready to use when stored properly
  • Can mold and shape the adhesive to use it as a filler
  • Works in a wide range of temperatures
  • Compatible with acrylic color powders

What Can You Do with Bondic?

Have you ever tried to remove an old screw and found that you stripped it?

With Bondic, you can apply a small amount of the adhesive and let it dry to fill in the area around that screw. Once it dries, you can remove the screw with ease. This adhesive is also suitable for repairing broken and damaged electronics and creating new threads. Some of the other uses for Bondic include:

  • Reducing the strain on an item
  • Replacing a damaged piece of plastic
  • Forming a connection between two materials or objects
  • Creating bonds in spaces/areas where you can’t use traditional glue
  • Adding insulation to wires
  • Repairing minor leaks

One of the top ways to use Bondic is as a repair agent. Let’s say that your child has a plastic toy that he or she loves but broke. You can use a small dab of the adhesive and apply the UV light to repair that toy in just a few minutes. Not only does it work on metal and most types of plastic, but you can also use the adhesive on wood and electronics. It works on low-voltage wires and plumbing pipes too.

With proper storage, Bondic will last for up to a year or longer. The brand claims that it can last for more than three years.

Who's Bondic for?

How many times have you grabbed a bottle of glue from your workshop and found that it dried inside the bottle? Most of the glues and adhesives on the market have a liquid consistency but will slowly dry when exposed to air. If you leave the cap even slightly loose, air can get inside and cause that glue to dry out. Bondic is one of the few adhesives available that will not dry out. No matter how long you keep it stored in your home or garage, it will retain its liquid consistency. This allows you to easily use the adhesive for any projects on your to-do list.

Bondic is a great tool for mechanics and craft enthusiasts to keep on hand. As it works on most plastic surfaces, this UV activated glue comes in handy when a mechanic needs to do a quick interior or exterior car repair. If you love doing craft projects at home, you might like how long this adhesive keeps and how well it works on your favorite materials. Anyone who needs an effective liquid plastic glue will benefit from keeping a tube of Bondic handy. You can get a kit that comes with both the UV light source and an adhesive as well as a storage case.

Best UV Glue 2021

Price: $19.99 (save up to 50%)




735 Reviews

Final Verdict

Arts and crafts enthusiasts and hobbyists often have dozens of bottles and containers of glue around. They know that each type will work with a different material and keep them on hand because they never know what they might need. To save space and still have the right glue available for your projects, invest in the Bondic plastic welding kit. Don’t let the word plastic in the name make you think that it only works on plastic though. It works as an adhesive on all the materials in your home, including wood furniture, metal decorations, kids’ toys and much more. Bondic is one of the few products now available that will work on indoor and outdoor projects too.

We recommend this Bondic welding kit because it includes 80 applications inside each package and is easy to use. As it’s non-toxic, you can safely use the adhesive on your kids’ toys and on products that you eat off of such as holiday dishes and family china sets. You can even use Bondic to repair rips and tears in your favorite shirt and to hem pants. Our final verdict is that Bondic is a strong tool that can replace all the other adhesives in your home.

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